Beneful dog food

Beneful Vs Purina One


Beneful is a dog food formula that is marketed and manufactured by Nestle Purina PetCare. Before you decide on whether or not Beneful is a good dog food for your pet,Beneful dog food Articles there are some factors you need to take into consideration, especially with regards to the ingredients used. All Beneful dry dog food formulas contain ground yellow corn as the first ingredient, as well as corn gluten meal which counts in its first 5 ingredients. Despite being marketed as a healthy dog food formula, Beneful has been found to contain sugar, soy, artificial chemical colors, wheat and meat mainly from chicken by-products. It is for this reason that Beneful formulas have not been recommended for use by dogs suffering from food-based allergies.

Most customer reviews found online about Beneful dog food products are negative, mainly because most dogs have experienced problems in digesting these formulas due to the fact that they contain sugar. Another negative aspect of Beneful dog food formulas that many pet owners have complained about is the fact that these are corn based. As a result of consuming Beneful dog food formulas, some dogs have experienced hair loss, low energy levels, as well as stomach upsets. A dog owner has also claimed that their pet died as a result of eating Beneful dog food. Some other of the symptoms exhibited by dogs fed on Beneful dog food include lethargy Cheri Honnas, bloody stool, incontinence as well as glossy eyes. Some dogs have also been known to develop a lack of appetite and even refuse to eat Beneful dog food, while others have developed skin rashes and experienced seizures.

Purina One

When determining whether Purina One is the right dog food for your pet, it is important to first take a look at its main ingredients. The first ingredient listed in this dog food is chicken. Despite being a quality ingredient, raw chicken contains about 80% of water. During cooking, most of this moisture is lost, which therefore reduces the meat content to a mere 20%. Another dominant ingredient contained in this dog food is brewers’ rice which is sourced from the small grain fragments which are left over after milling whole rice. This is a cheap cereal grain byproduct which is generally not regarded as a quality ingredient.

Corn gluten meal is another component of Purina One which is a rubbery residue left after the corn has had most of its starchy carbohydrate washed out. In comparison to meat, glutens comprise inferior grain-based proteins which have a low content of the essential amino acids that every dog requires in order to sustain their life. This is an inexpensive plant-based ingredient which can significantly boost the total amount of protein reportedly contained in this dog food product. Purina One also contains corn which is commonly associated with food allergies in canines. This is one of the reasons why Purina One does not rank highly amongst dog owners whose pets have experienced problems as a result of consuming this dog food. Purina One also contains poultry by product meal which is a dry rendered product of slaughterhouse waste.